Are you aware that Poor Rural Communities in Uganda have historically had no adequate school structure – students are squeezed into dark and crumbling mud huts, or are taught under trees when the weather permits, or have to walk multiple miles to a neighboring village, or can’t attend school at all? And about 7 million of children in Uganda wake up every single day without a school to attend and those who do desperately need more classrooms and teachers. You can make a difference today and build a school in a remote village in Uganda to bring education to the children there for the first time.

The Access to Quality Education in Rural Uganda project involves constructing a new community primary schools and boosting enrolment at 850 existing schools.

Building Tomorrow’s ultimate goal is for the schools to be self-sustaining. This will be achieved by preparing partner communities to effectively, efficiently, and independently manage and operate a top-quality community school. opening of the community primary school is to ensure an enroll of at least 190 students within two years.

At The VRCEU we love partnering with kind individuals, schools, classes and service clubs who want to learn more about education in rural Uganda and take action. Sponsoring our “Build a School in Rural Uganda Project” is a great way to both raise awareness about extreme poverty while also making a big impact in the lives of rural poor children in Uganda.

As a school and individual you are investing in the movement of VRCEU and joining us in the fight to alleviate poverty in rural poor Uganda. Our simple giving model allows you to be creative with your campaign and help build a rural community school in Uganda. We are looking for kind individuals’ students of all ages and teachers ready to make a global impact!

Information about the much needed children community hospital;

What is the solution for Saving and Empowering Rural African Kids Lives?  Empowering Women.

Because Kids are dying from Treatable/Preventable diseases, and we saw that an answer was giving access to public healthcare for kids, VRCEU is to build the first child community Hospital in Uganda, East Africa.

  •  Project Design and implementation; from the initial stage of buying land in 2017, it was hands on the ground ‘a community project’. Local fundraising (to buy land), local architect, working for the rural community people of Eastern Uganda.

Charities are often asked; “Is it needed?” Yes – The USA has over 157 kids’ hospitals with 320-million citizens. Why would Sub-Saharan Africa have only three public children’s hospital for one billion people? Ours, will be the fourth.

“Is your model effective?” Yes – we are targeting at seeing over 130,000 poor children patients a year, and will impact far greater number, with jobs, training, and outreach.

“Will it create jobs?” Absolutely. Hundreds of people will be hired because of our initiatives.

“Is it sustainable?” Well other sister children hospital to which we copied our initiative and, run on the exact same system as the one we have developed with low finances have been running since 1917, thus we can say Yes! Lastly,

“What is VRCE-Uganda’s exit strategy?” Every project we have done in Rural Bukedea is built for us to exit and to be fully self-reliant; that is our model.  if we die tomorrow nothing will fail; all will continue.  Our existence just brings more positive change.

Our projects are 100% locally owned.  All the people who work with us on our projects in rural Bukedea are ingenious.
We have a (very) strong presence in the community we work with, based on trust on what we have done over a four year+ history. We believe in a holistic approach to solving children issues that is flexible and changeable to the best and latest trends.

Health:  We were happy to read in print what we believed to be true:  Nick Kristoff noted that access to healthcare was the biggest disruption of addressing the trend of better mortality rates. (source).  There is an absolute health crisis in Rural Uganda, East Africa, rather than scream to deaf ears that In Uganda, 65 of 1000 babies die within the first year of life; 130 of 1000 will die before their fifth birthday (UNICEF 2009) and for children living in rural communities the statistics are even worse than the national average, we are providing a solution that works.

The problem in our region is, kids are going to the regional referral General public hospital where beds were at a constant 150+% occupancy.  With dire congestion choices being made; the priority is always to give the caregiver of the family preferred treatment.  Kids came in last.  We found Mothers were stopping taking children to the hospital (“Why, after three days we go home with our child untreated?”).  We asked Doctors who stated that they should not be blamed, “If an adult die’s then you have ten kids on the streets tomorrow.”

We knew to make an impact we had to get the child through the hospital doors and be the priority.  With no public children’s hospital for an area of over 20-million people we knew there was a major problem.

The final outcome – We are building a public kids teaching hospital.  Now thousands of kids getting quality healthcare, mothers traveling from all over Uganda knowing that their child will be seen and treated in a timely, dignified, and respectful matter. On average 429 kids will be treated in our child-only public hospital per day — that is 429 x 365-days = over 150,000.  The second time in history this will be happening in Uganda and East & Central Africa.  Will children mortality rates change for the better?  Yes!.

Will we have finished?  No. Phase two will be working on a swifter turnover of patients. Better equipment.  Improved services.  Teaching prevention, offering screenings.  Reaching kids in an earlier stage of their illness. Motivating Docs/Nurses to raise the bar.  Constructing ancillary buildings. Opening a Music Therapy House.  Initiating a child education unit in the grounds… and more.

Our Great Gregarious Goal? A huge problem is Childhood Cancers in Uganda, East Africa.  We plan to replicate our success by building the second Kids Cancer Hospital in Sub Saharan Africa upon the same sustainable plan we are using for our general children’s hospital.  Our immediate impact will be at once saving 350 -kids’ lives.

Great Gregarious Goal #2? A children’s healthcare insurance fund for Rural children using the Telecommunications world. Giving greater access…

#3 Sustainable serviced rural medical centers that are stocked, not by the charity sector or donations but by profit. Giving greater access…

#4 building Uganda’s first Digital Health Center for Pediatrics to give greater access…