Many farmers in Bukedea District still plough by hand – an exhausting and time consuming task .Available information states that to plough an acre of land by hand takes one(1) month and by ox-plough it takes four(4) days,  Some have adopted ploughing with oxen and have drastically

  1. cut their ploughing time,
  2. expanded their farm size
  3. Increased their yields.
  4. Reduced on exhaustion

With other local partner, we are working with the poorest of farmers, providing them with oxen, ploughs and training. In return, the farmers will invest part of the money from their increased harvests into community projects such as building or clinic.

The Project is planned for 4 communities around Bukedea targeting 137 households. The first phase of the project is currently in progress, the best cows are moderate in size and short horned, like those indigenous in Teso and Karamoja regions. They should be well fed to help in maintaining their energy levels.

Project expenditure

  1. 1 bull = 150 US Dollars
  2. 1 plough = 80 US Dollars

Total Project Expenditure

  1. 137 X 230 = 31.510 US Dollars

Note: Training the farmers is free from LT Farm Tools company one of our local partners